Working for Insurance Company vs Hospital for Utilization Management as Physician Advisor

Here are some differences in the jobs with hospital vs insurance company.

Physician advisor jobs at a hospital are very variable. The work a physician advisor does at any hospital depends on how it is structured. That job at a hospital is a combination of a several things like administrative duties, UM duties and clinical duties.

HospitalInsurance company
Full time and Part time opportunities are available.Same.
Hourly rates are usually higher.Lower.
Work is viewed by some doctors usually as positive i.e. working for patient care.Negative, working against patient care. This is a myth. Both jobs ensure more efficiency and less waste.
Chance to advance in career in different fields [like CMO] not just UM.May be possible only in UM field.
More flexible, peer to peer reviews could be scheduled as you like.Part-Time jobs are less flexible, Full-time jobs could be more flexible.
peer-to-peer reviews could be scheduled every 30min.
Can be onsite or remote.Mostly remote.
More chances to do clinical shifts.May not be easy to find clinical opportunities.
Easy to maintain hospital privileges.May be tough or may be not interested to do maintain privileges.
Easier to go back to clinical duties if UM is interesting anymore.May become difficult to go back to clinical duties if there is a large nonclinical gap.