Templates used in Utilization Management job

I am an Internal Medicine hospitalist prior to becoming a physician advisor. I used a lot of templates with both EPIC and CERNER EMRs. Those templates made my work easier.

Right from the time I started work as a physician advisor, I always looked for ways to make my work easier. I built my own templates that would bring up patient data the way I wanted it so that I can quickly review during day-to-day work.

These templates are purely personal. What works for one may not work for another. However, if you make your own templates and they work for you the way you want them then you are sure to see improvement in your efficiency.

I made couple of templates that I use regularly. One is for bringing up all the pertinent info I need to get a quick idea of what the patient is all about and the other is to create a form where I can add more info to prepare for peer-to-peer review. These may be of zero help to others but the point I am making here is that everyone should try to make a couple of templates that can your daily work easier. If your hospital uses EPIC EMR, you should definitely be able to make one or two good templates. I am sure we all use templates to write note for our status determinations. Similar to those, I am encouraging you to make a couple more to pull the needed data to make your work easier.

I honestly cannot comment on medical directors working for commercial payers as they may not work with EPIC or CERNER or any such similar EMRs.

I know about one company which supports hospitals with UM work does have its own EMR system but there are no options to make any template. So, these templates are mainly useful for those physician advisors who work for hospitals.

The following are the two I use. Sometimes they help me. Sometimes, especially when the patient stay is short, I don’t use them.

Template to get a quick idea about the patient’s condition in Cerner EMR

Template to prepare for Peer to Peer review