Questions to ask when being interviewed for Medical Director role for Utilization Management

Here are some reasonable questions to ask the interviewer when you are applying for a medical director position in an insurance company.

Of course, the questions depend on what kind of a company and what kind of a job it is.

How do you describe a typical workday?

In one of the interviews, I asked if I could speak to one of the current Medical Directors and the interviewer said that they have never done that before. I ultimately did not get that job.

Who do I report to? Hint: Make sure that you report to an MD.

Read their website and grab some interesting point. Ask them about what you read on their website. For Example: “I like how your website outlines/mentions ….. How does that play out amongst physician colleagues? Be positive with what you say.

What is the minimum and what is the maximum number of shifts are you expecting from a part time medical director?

Is there an opportunity to become full time medical director at some point if I do well as a part time medical director?

Do I need to buy any malpractice insurance like E&O insurance or the company provides it?

What is the nature of the training provided? Is the training Online or In Person? Yes, some do in person training before even a part time job.

Honestly, they may give all the answers to these questions before you even ask them.

Please comment below if you think of adding more questions that can be added to this list.